“Apartments”-okay Good, But Where’s The Individuality?

Fine with the way, apartments are shaping their way into the mainstream shelter but what it is doing is that it is killing the individuality of every member that is living inside them. Earlier, people used to live in homes which were their status symbols in some way but what’s happening is that the entire model has shifted to another base wherein different families live inside a single building which reflect them to the outside world as a similar prospect rather than differentiating them individually. Fine that some will agree with an ideology that it is narrowing the social stigma between various levels of society but there should be some way or the other to represent one’s individuality to the outside world. What this will do is, it will help people to make their resemblance with a distinctive and definite approach to the world that is in their reach but due to dome malfunctioning it becomes difficult for the entire mankind to cope up with the issues in a right way.

There are a no of ways which can help one to keep him different from others even if he’s living in an apartment. You should try to interact with people a lot. What this will do is that, people will start interacting with you on a regular basis and they will get to know the type of person that lives inside you. Well, if you actually a good deal; then you have hit gold already because now they will commercialize your identity to others in a way that will help you to build a forte for yourself. Apart from some social things or actions, you can always make your apartment different from others so that it reflects something unique about you that are different from others. Painting the walls of your apartment rooms can be one such thing that can help in becoming the gimmick you want to become.

Also, decorating your apartment in a way that nobody has done before can be a good way to show off yourself. Keep one thing in mind that, you don’t spend most of your money on these materialistic things as they will fade away with time. Chances are more that they will get damped or account to a very bad shape just after you buy them. It similar to the case of a mobile phone, no matter how many bucks you spend on buying one; you will probably end up in getting a little less after two months. Best example can be viewed from super cheap apartments in Tampa FL which not only helps in maintaining a different social status for its residents but aims in improving the values of society as well.